Social Graph Project – Cleaning Data in Google Contacts (3 of 5)

In the first entry I discussed an overview of my social graphing project and in the second entry I discussed how to deal with data from LinkedIn.  This entry will get into the second step, organizing data in google contacts.

One thing that will be involved in this involves use of labels.  Essentially all of the connections in will get added through labels.  While this might seem a bit tedious, labels are totally useful for other purposes.  A lot of my labels are based on geography and lately  I have had to the need to send information to people living in a particular area.  And because I did all of this labeling, I now have an easy personal email list already at my finger tips.  Sometimes I think a Rolodex is way more valuable than a Rolex.

To start go into your google contacts.  Frodo’s look like this right now:

Then it is pretty simple, just start adding labels for all of relationships you are going to want to keep track of.  For instance instance I am going to add “The Shire” label to some characters that Frodo met at the Shire and since they were also part of the Fellowship I am adding that label too. The LOTR is only necessary because I am trying to keep these separate from my real contacts.

After you are done with the labels you want to export your network, which you can do either by selecting contacts you want, or on the left of the window.  You will also have to clean up the csv, but I will get to that in the next entry.


Non-Alcoholic IPA Reviews

I wasn’t joking when I said this blog would touch on multiple topics.  Today I am going to write a review of some non-alcoholic beers, mostly IPAs. 

Over the past year or so I have gotten the chance to try different non-alcoholic beers. Since craft non-alcoholic beers are new to the space there aren’t a lot of opinions online I thought this would be helpful to others trying out these beers.

As far as the beers themselves, first off, these are all way better than O’Douls, Kaliber, etc.  I would drink my least favorite of these any day before I ever ordered another Kaliber.  

I do hope that one day restaurants and bars start to expand their selection to sell some of these brews, but until then I can always order them on the internet.  And though I didn’t like all of the ones I have tried, some of them are great, and I am glad that all of them are creating a product that has been missing in the marketplace.

Available at: Athletic Brewing – Run Wild IPA
$12.99 per six pack, free shipping on orders of two or more six packs

This one is my favorite by far. It has the floral notes and robust taste of my favorite IPAs. Athletic says that they use five types of hops in their brew and it shows. I have taken this one to parties and shared it with regular beer drinkers and this is the type of non-alcholic brew that could pass the “Pepsi Challenge.” I have even become a monthly subscriber.

Available at:Bravus – IPA
$10.99 per six pack, subscription lowers the price

This IPA is a close second favorite. The flavor of this brew is has the proper bitterness of a West Coast IPA. They state that they use Simcoe, Amarillo, Citra and Mosaic hops. Honestly the only reason why I wound up gravitating to Athletic over Bravus is because they are based on the West Coast and I am on the East Coast so I opted for the one with the lower travel distance.

Available at: Athletic Brewing – Freeway Double Hop IPA
$12.99 per six pack, free shipping on orders of two or more six packs

Alas I did not enjoy this one as much. I was expecting a much more powerful brew from the name and that they say it is loaded with Amarillo, Citra, and Mosaic hops. I would definitely opt for Athletic’s Run Wild, or if it ever comes back, their limited edition Session IPA, but would also be happy to order this if it was at the local pub.

Available at: Gruvi – IPA
$9.99 per four pack, free Shipping on orders above $49

I am not sure what to say about this one. I haven’t minded drinking it, but an IPA it is not. Its very grapefruit. Like more like an interesting grapefruit spritzer than a beer. I guess its like drinking a shandy, which is nice, but I don’t have intentions on getting this one again once I have partaken in them all.

Available at: Surreal – Chandelier Red IPA
$12.99 per six pack

This one was my least favorite so far. It tasted like flat hop water. It reminded me of the first time I tried to brew Julmust. That being said, it is a Red IPA, and I have always found that style to be disappointing, so perhaps I will enjoy the Juicy Mavs when it comes time to give that a whirl.

And Now… Reports

Nearly all of the comment letters related to environmental advocacy that I have written recently have been added to the blog. I am not going to upload ones related to work since they are very collaborative. However, I do plan on uploading some of the reports where I was the primary analyst and/or author. You’ll be able to find them here.