The Welcome Mat

Hello World! 

I am starting a blog.  This isn’t my first dalliance with blogging, but I think I realized that the best thing to do is not be limiting.  In the past I have had several blogs that died quickly, mostly because they were very specific topically, and when that ran out or I wanted to discuss something else I stopped writing.  The only one I have ever kept going was , which I kept pretty open.

Another impetus for starting this was my recent learning experience with the Environmental Leadership Program.  Through that program I learned a bit about strengths and communication and one realization that was made is I did have some knowledge to share, but that time was not available to implement everything that I wanted, thus the need to share. And thus this blog.

I hope to put up coding projects, ideas for social media campaigns, letters I write, and general essays.  No set scheduled, but it is my intention to write one post per fortnight.  Overall, the posts will probably be geared towards environmental work though.