The Welcome Mat

Hello World! 

I am starting a blog.  This isn’t my first dalliance with blogging, but I think I realized that the best thing to do is not be limiting.  In the past I have had several blogs that died quickly, mostly because they were very specific topically, and when that ran out or I wanted to discuss something else I stopped writing.  The only one I have ever kept going was , which I kept pretty open.

Another impetus for starting this was my recent learning experience with the Environmental Leadership Program.  Through that program I learned a bit about strengths and communication and one realization that was made is I did have some knowledge to share, but that time was not available to implement everything that I wanted, thus the need to share. And thus this blog.

I hope to put up coding projects, ideas for social media campaigns, letters I write, and general essays.  No set scheduled, but it is my intention to write one post per fortnight.  Overall, the posts will probably be geared towards environmental work though.

Testimony on HB 1295 (MDGA 2020) – Public School Construction – School District Energy Use – Policy and Study

This testimony that was submitted for Maryland HB 1295 – “Public School Construction – School District Energy Use – Policy and Study”, which was sponsored by Delegate Jared Solomon in support of the bill with amendments. An abridged version of the testimony was also given orally on March 10 to the House Appropriations Committee.

Read the Testimony.